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TicKL Magazine

It may not have been the intention of Edwin Land, the inventor of instant photography, but nonetheless: once upon a time, long before the digital age, Polaroid photography was the only option open to amateur photographers who wished to take private pictures of themselves or their lovers; or rather, the only option that didn't involve an embarrassing trip to the laboratory. And so it came to pass that Polaroid accidentally gave rise to a flourishing home-porn movement.

TicKL Magazine was born out of a passion for the heady, halycon days of amateur erotic photography, out of a nostalgic yen for the authentic, human warmth of genuine intimate moments and, not least, out of frustration with the soulless, counterfeit overperfection of today's photoshopped and airbrushed erotic offerings. What we make is different: original, creative, personal and honest, sincerely filthy and fun.

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And while you're at it, why not visit the website of my beloved Editor-in-Chief, the illustrious Carmen de Vos?

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